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Marching Band Schedule


12                                           REQUIRED Parent / Student Meeting at Lafayette                         7 pm



June rehearsals for guard will be given at their auditions.

28-July 6                                No rehearsals (Lafayette Activity Blackout)



13                                           Pool Party Meet and Greet                                                                6:30 - 8:30pm

14                                           REQUIRED Parent Camp Meeting – (LHS Theater)                        7 pm

14-17                                     Rehearsal at Lafayette                                                                        6-9 pm

15-17                                     Percussion Camp                                                                                 12-5 pm (plus 6-9 pm with full band)

20-25                                     Band Camp at Truman State University                           

28-31                                     Rehearsal at Lafayette                                                                        6-9 pm



4-6                                          Rehearsal at Lafayatte                                                                         6-9 pm

7                                              Family Night at Lafayette                                                                    5-8 pm

15                                           Rockwood Review                                                                               7 pm (6 pm call time)

22                                           Football vs. Eureka                                                                               5 pm call time (7 pm game)

23                                           Wildwood Founder’s Day Parade                                                     9-11 am (approximately)

25                                           No Marching Band Rehearsal



5                                              Percussion Rehearsal                                                                          3:15-6 pm

6                                              Mozingo Drumline Competition (percussion only)                        All day

12                                           Football vs. Marquette (Middle School Band Night)                      5:30 pm call time (7 pm game)

19                                           Marching Band Rehearsal                                                                  3:15-4:30 pm

21                                           St. Charles West Marching Warrior Festival                                   All day

22                                           No Marching Band Rehearsal

26                                           Football vs. Oakville                                                                             5:30 pm call time (7 pm game)

27                                           Lafayette Contest of Champions                                                       All day



3-5                                          Blue Springs Marching Festival                                                          Depart Friday after school

6                                              No Marching Band Rehearsal

17                                           Homecoming Parade & Football Game (vs. McCluer No)             4:30 pm call time (7:30 pm game)

18                                           BOA Super Regional – Edward Jones Dome                                    Early morning through afternoon

24                                           District Football Playoffs (REQUIRED)                                               5:30 pm call time (7 pm game)

24                                           Marching Band Rehearsal (only if no playoff football)                  3:15-4:30 pm      

25                                           Francis Howell Marching Competition                                             All day

31                                           Football (REQUIRED District Round 2 Game)                                   TBA



7                                              Football (REQUIRED Quarter finals)                                                  TBA

14                                           Football (REQUIRED Semi-finals)                                                        TBA

29                                           Football (REQUIRED State finals)                                                        TBA


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